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The full range of precision parts cleaning equipment from small bench top ultrasonic cleaners to fully automated batch systems in aqueous or solvents

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology has become the preferred method of cleaning in industry today. The development of the many different types of ultrasonic cleaners able to use water based chemicals, solvents, or used in conjunction with vapour degreasing, has put ultrasonics as the first choice in precision parts cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems are so diverse, they are used in almost every cleaning application from metals through to plastics, in industries such as Automotive, Electronics, Printing and Engineering.

Ultrasonic cleaners are fast, efficient, consistent, low labour intensive and low maintenance cleaning systems.
No matter how large or small, simple or complicated your cleaning requirements are, with such a large portfolio of Aqueous, Solvent and Vapour equipment and chemicals, Ultrasonics can put a total package together, at a realistic cost.

ULTRASONICS - Bench Top ~ Table top ~ Industrial units to large Multi-Stage systems in standard format or special build or Submersible units that can be fitted to your existing cleaning tanks.
SOLVENT/VAPOUR DEGREASING EQUIPMENT - Fitted with the latest technology to give compliance with Legislative requirements.

CHEMICALS - Ultrasonics Ltd offer a range of chemical cleaning solutions for precision parts. We also have extensive knowledge and work closely with the main chemical suppliers to the industry

Carburretor & Fuel Injector Cleaning Chemical Formula
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The worlds smallest Vapour Degreaser 240V 13 amp supply
"Plug in and Go"
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PROVEN SYSTEMS - Numerous installations across a wide variety of industries

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